Building sustainable communities: capturing land development value for the public realm

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Thomas, Wyndham; Barker, Kate; Camp, David
Smith Institute
Date of publication
26 October 2004
Community Development and Regeneration, Housing and Homelessness
Social welfare
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This collection of essays focuses on the need and the means to generate funding for the infrastructure necessary for sustainable communities.  It focuses on the recommendation made in the Barker review that “government should use a tax measure to extract some of the windfall gain that accrues to landowners from the sale of their land for residential development”. As is pointed out in the monograph, there have been five serious attempts since 1909 to impose a supertax on the jump in the value of land bestowed by the grant of development permission, all of which have failed. On the other hand, it is becoming clear that not only is there a need to generate the funding required for the wide range of infrastructure of high quality necessary for sustainable communities, at the right time in the development cycle, but there is also a need to reform the complex section 106 system. The eight essays have been deliberately commissioned to bring together a wide range of experience and opinion.

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