Building the leadership capacity of UK Business Schools

Building the leadership capacity of UK Business Schools
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Association of Business Schools
Association of Business Schools
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22 November 2012
Management & leadership: including strategy, public sector management, operations and production
Business and management
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This collection of articles by senior figures from UK Business Schools and the Association of Business Schools provides an overview of the context and challenges facing senior managers of UK Business Schools, their role as leaders, and the realities of their work. It draws together the research and facts and figures about Business School leaders, and aims to provide suggestions for ways to improve the future leadership competences of Deans and others working at senior levels in UK Business Schools which can be acted upon by individuals, by Business Schools, and by the Association of Business Schools itself, for example in the design of the development programmes it runs. It considers questions such as: How will we continue to develop competences that are fit for future models of business and management education and research in a more digitally networked and collaborative economy? How will we hire, develop, and assess those responsible for UK Business Schools? 

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