This capriccio or fanciful combination of fragments of sculpture, architecture and archaeological ruins inscribed with a dedication to count Francesco Maria Zambeccari is a copy after the title-page for a series of 23 cartouches made by Agostino Mitelli. The original series was published in 1636 by Agostino Parisini (active 1625-1639) in Bologna and later reissued by Giovanni Giacomo de’ Rossi (1627-1691) in Rome. Another edition was published by Pierre Mariette (1596-1657) in Paris. The copy included in Harley MS 2024 is taken from Robert Pricke’s The Ornaments of Architecture (London, 1674), where Mitelli’s etching was reproduced in reverse without the publication line. Randle Holme interspersed his own drawings of heraldic motifs among Pricke’s plates, as can be seen in the drawing of an eagle, a unicorn and a rearing deer that follows the title page.