Cartulary of Reading Abbey


The 12th-century Cartulary of Reading Abbey gives a list of works held at the medieval libraries at Reading Abbey and Leominster Priory. The book lists are typical library catalogues of this period. Each is arranged roughly by subject, and includes Bibles, works of the Church Fathers, historical texts and liturgical works.

The list of Reading books has recorded 196 items, and 49 appear on the Leominster list. Through textual evidence such as book contents and ownership marks, modern scholars have identified 35 surviving manuscripts featured on the lists, nine of which are currently housed at the British Library.

This manuscript was digitised with the support of The Polonsky Foundation.

Full title:
Cartulary of Reading Abbey
1190–1199, Reading
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

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British Library
Egerton MS 3031

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