Catalogue of books registered in the Province of Bihar and Orissa


This catalogue lists books published in the state of Bihar and Orissa in the quarter ending June 1912.

The books listed are arranged by language, noting those written in English, Hindi, Mundari, Oriya. A further sub-classification by subject shows the books fell into many different genres ranging from religious works by mission presses, to Hindi works of fiction and music.  

The 1867, ‘(Indian) Press and Registration of Books Act’ dictated that a copy of every book published throughout British controlled India be submitted to the India Office and so the practice of printing lists of books on a quarterly basis began. This catalogue forms a bound volume containing quarterly lists of books up to 1916, which itself is one of seven bound volumes published in Bihar and Orissa up to 1936. 

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Catalogue of books registered in the Province of Bihar and Orissa during the quarter ending
Printed catalogue
Office of the Inspector-General of Registration, Bihar and Orissa
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British Library
SV 412/11

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