The challenge and potential of whole system flow: improving the flow of people, information and resources across whole health and social care economies.

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Fillingham, David; Jones, Bryan; Pereira, Penny.
Health Foundation
Date of publication
1 December 2016
Health Services
Social welfare
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This report argues that local health and social care economies are now well placed to improve whole system flow by linking health and social care provision. It claims that not only is there now a good understanding of the methods and skills needed, but that compelling financial logic exists for tackling costly bottlenecks in the flow of patients and service users between organisations. Its aim is to provide leaders and improvement teams in local health and social care economies across the UK with a guide to the activities, methods, approaches and skills that can help to improve flow across systems. The authors also describe the steps that policy-makers and regulators at a national level need to take to create an environment conducive to change on this scale.

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