Changes to work and income around state pension age: analysis of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

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Chanfreau, Jenny; Barnes, Matt; Cullinane, Carl
NatCen Social Research
Date of publication
1 February 2014
Older Adults
Social welfare
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This research looks at people’s work situation and household finances when someone in the household is nearing state pension age (SPA) and compare this to their situation soon after the household member has reached SPA. Three quarters of households with someone nearing SPA had at least one person in work. In the early years after a household member had reached SPA this had fallen to one third of households. Overall, 20 per cent of households had a low income before SPA and 25 per cent of households had a low income after SPA. However there was movement both in and out of low income with only 11 per cent having low income both before and after SPA. Households that entered low income after reaching state pension age were characterised by: stopping work; not having private pension savings; having worked in an intermediate occupation, and becoming single, through bereavement or separation.