Changing times: women's organisations in Newcastle: a study of the current challenges for women's voluntary organisations

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Jobbins, Pam; Young, Sally
Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service
Date of publication
1 March 2012
Social Policy, Community Development and Regeneration
Social welfare
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This report examines the provision of women's services in Newcastle in the context of changing attitudes, communities and economic conditions. The report addresses the need for women only and girl only space capable of offering the neutral provision that enables women to access support and advice on sensitive issues, and how this may be provided in the context of changing contemporary environments. Further to this, potential threats to the provision of women's services are outlined such as a lack of recognition of the value of work with women in commissioning, services and in the attitudes of men in some communities. The danger of the disappearance of women friendly space due to the closure of some women's groups, plus the commercial pressures to become generalist and offer services to men as well, is also outlined and the threat of a potential domino effect in losing organisation and services is warned against. It is also suggested that a growing number of younger women and girls appear to believe that abusive and controlling behaviour is normal and acceptable, stressing further the need to continue to develop and maintain women only services.