Charlotte Brontë's school exercises in French


These 32 pages belong to a notebook owned by Charlotte Brontë and were used for French classes. They were written out when Charlotte was in her early twenties, studying at M. and Mme. Héger's school in Brussels, Belgium, and show signs of having been corrected by M. Héger. Learning French was regarded as a useful and elegant accomplishment for girls in the 19th century, and was particularly attractive if they intended to pursue a career as a governess or teacher.  

Brontë later drew on her experiences in Brussels in her novel Villette (1853).

Full title:
French Exercises: translations into French
estimated 1842, Rue Isabelle, Brussels, Belgium [address of pensionnat - no longer there, nearest is Rue Terarken?]
Manuscript / Notebook / Fair copy
Charlotte Brontë
© Brontë Parsonage Museum
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British Library
Ashley MS 160

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