Chart of the Aegean from the Cornaro atlas


An atlas made for the Cornaro family of Venice at the end of the 15th century contains 35 portolan charts by various Venetian map-makers. In these two charts we can compare a single area as treated in two different workshops (the same area from Benincasa's chart of 1470, offers a further comparison). In general there is more variation in the outlines of the smaller islands than in the mainland coast, but there are some curious similarities - thus both maps outline Crete (bottom centre) in blue, Eubbea (left of centre) in red and, like many portolan charts, mark Rhodes (bottom right) with the cross, white on red, of the Hospitallers.

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Chart of the Aegean from the Cornaro atlas
15th century
Nicolo Pasqualini, Benedetto Pesina
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British Library
British Library, Egerton Ms. 73, opening 23-24

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