Child Sex Offender Review (CSOR) Public Disclosure Pilots: a process evaluation - 2nd edition

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Kemshall, Hazel; Wood, Jason
Home Office
Date of publication
1 March 2010
Research report; 32
Children and Young People, Criminal Justice Services, Social Policy
Social welfare
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This report presents the findings of a process evaluation of the one-year Public Disclosure Pilots in four areas established by the Review of the Protection of Children from Sex Offenders, which provided members of the public with a formal mechanism to ask for disclosure about people they were concerned about who have unsupervised access to children. The process evaluation also assessed the extent and nature of the applications, whether the pilots have contributed to existing child protection arrangements and the cost of implementation. Management information shows that a total of 585 enquiries were received across all pilot areas with 315 proceeded with as applications. Twenty-one disclosures (7% of applications) were made under the remit of the pilot and a further 11 applications resulted in non-pilot disclosures, i.e. where practitioners deemed it necessary to impart information that did not relate to convictions for child sex offences. Analysis of the 159 application forms, submitted to the research team for detailed analysis revealed 43 additional applications resulted in other safeguarding outcomes, such as a referral to Children’s Social Care. The report makes a number of recommendations should the scheme roll out nationally or continue locally, including: providing adequate preparation time prior to roll-out; using and developing pilot guidance; and strengthening the relationship with existing public protection and safeguarding arrangements.

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