A community right to beauty: giving communities the power to shape, enhance and create beautiful places, developments and spaces

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Harvey, Adrian; Julian, Caroline
Date of publication
1 July 2015
Community Development and Regeneration, Social Policy
Social welfare
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This paper argues for a Community Right to Beauty – a new community right that will give people more powers and incentives to shape, enhance and create beautiful places. In recent years, ‘beauty’ has been considered at best an addendum to public policy; a luxury that sits on the outskirts of social justice and discernment of the common good. But this is to misunderstand its true meaning. Beautiful places exist everywhere – in the urban, the rural, and all that sits in between – and are vital to the social and economic prosperity of a locality.

Beauty is at the heart of what it means to create a just society; it is a major contributor to good health and wellbeing, a strong and participative civil society, local economic growth, safe communities and the overall quality of a place.

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