Community works: putting work, skills and enterprise at the heart of Community Budgets

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Wilson, Tony; Gallagher, Paul
Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion
Date of publication
1 July 2013
Employment, Community Development and Regeneration, Social Policy
Social welfare
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Community Budgets occupy one place within a complex landscape of approaches both to devolving powers and funding from central government and to tackling deep-rooted social problems. Alongside this, individual Departments are engaged in their own often far-reaching reforms to centrally-held budgets. This report argues that policy must:

  • Ensure a coherent approach – with central government, local government and local public services and partners working better together to agree local priorities – and then from this how provision can be co-ordinated, success measured and performance improved.
  • Better join up the design, commissioning and delivery of services. The report argues that the five key ingredients of success are: being locally driven; having an end to end approach; taking a pragmatic approach to financial control and investment; sharing data and information effectively; and central government facilitation and support
  • Place work, skills and enterprise at the heart of local approaches . support for those out of work is built around a national system, delivered by Jobcentre Plus and Work Programme providers. Given the scale of the challenge, local partners have a critical role in working with, building on and going beyond central government programmes – but this requires clear and common objectives, and clear roles and responsibilities, and effective joint working

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