Coping when somebody close to you has MS: a booklet for partners, relatives or friends

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Moss-Morris, Rona; Dennison, Laura; Chalder, Trudie
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Date of publication
1 December 2010
Health Services, Disabled people
Social welfare
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This booklet is written for partners, relatives or friends of someone with MS who is using the Supportive Adjustment for Multiple Sclerosis (saMS) manual. The saMS manual can help a trained therapist work through an eight-week cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programme with the person with MS. The programme can help the person with MS find ways to make it easier to adjust to living with MS and have a better quality of life. They might find it helpful to talk to you about what the therapy sessions are all about, get you involved, and show you some of the materials they are covering. Support from family and friends is very important in helping people with MS to adjust to living with the disease. But as someone close to them, you might also encounter many challenging issues and feel that you do not get enough support or advice. This booklet is designed to illustrate some of the common difficulties that you might encounter and provide some strategies or suggestions for dealing with them. This booklet gives examples of people’s experiences. These are taken from a series of interviews conducted with 30 people with MS and 15 of their partners/ spouses to find out what difficulties they encountered and what they found helpful and unhelpful when dealing with these issues.