Creating a sustainable 21st century healthcare system

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Scrutton, Jonathan; Holley-Moore, George; Bamford, Sally-Marie
International Longevity Centre - UK
Date of publication
17 September 2015
Health Services
Social welfare
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This report highlights how a ‘perfect storm’ of demographic and wider economic and social trends are converging to push up the cost of healthcare across the globe. The report showcases examples of innovation from across the world which could save lives and money if introduced more widely. The UK’s healthcare system provides a third of the exemplary case studies showcased in the report, but the report suggests that more work needs to be done to share and spread innovation in the UK, and that there’s much to learn from other leading markets such as India, Australia, Europe and the US. The report suggests that a concerted focus on innovation and prevention - developing more empowered health consumers, whilst also maximising the potential of big data - would help to deliver significant savings in the long-term.