Criminal Justice and Courts Bill – Lords Amendments [Bill 120 of 2014-15]

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Strickland, Pat; Fairbairn, Catherine
House of Commons Library
Date of publication
14 November 2014
Standard note; SN/HA/7038
Legislation, Criminal Justice Services
Social welfare
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This paper is designed to provide background information for Consideration of Lords Amendments of the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, which was due to take place on 1 December 2014. There were several Government defeats at report stage on judicial review. The Bill introduces a number of reforms aimed at reducing “the burden of judicial review”. Broadly these Lords amendments seek to restore judicial discretion over how the new rules are to be applied. An Opposition amendment would exclude younger boys, and all girls, from the new Secure Colleges. This too was a defeat for the Government. There were many Government amendments to the Bill. They include: 

  • A new power for the Secretary of State to appoint “Recall Adjudicators” to review the detention of recalled determinate sentence prisoners
  • A new offence to deal with “revenge pornography”
  •  A ban on the offer of inducements as an incentive to bring personal injury claims

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