David Bowie in concert in Tokyo as part of the Ziggy Stardust tour


On 6 July 1972, David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust – his new alter ego, ‘a leper Messiah’ from another planet, dressed in tight bodysuit, snakeskin boots and sporting a carrot-coloured hairdo – appeared performing ‘Starman’ on the weekly BBC TV show Top Of The Pops (TOTP). The programme’s regular 10 million-plus viewers had witnessed nothing previously to compare with the seismic effect of this performance.

Bowie, with his outrageous 1970s clothing – and especially his use of eyeliner – influenced punk which shared his spirit of rebellion and reinvention.

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David Bowie in concert in Tokyo as part of the Ziggy Stardust tour
April 1973, Japan
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