Decolonising knowledge: expand the Black experience in Britain's heritage

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Blair, Thomas L
Editions Blair
Date of publication
1 January 2013
Community Development and Regeneration, Minority Groups
Social welfare
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This book challenges information policy makers, researchers and archivists to recover, preserve and improve access to materials on the Black peoples in Britain and the African Diaspora. They need to open their gates and perspectives to the voices of the unheard, namely Black communities and scholars speaking for themselves. Drawing own his professional library and the Thomas L Blair Collection, the author offers a guide to this demand, namely:

  • Topical themes in Black Literature and the Arts, Politics, Sociology and History, Illustrated and Children’s Stories, Comics, Music: Classical, Blues, Jazz and Reggae, Sports, and Facts and Figures.
  • Overlooked postcolonial narratives and unmapped resources for comparative Diaspora Studies. Hence, all 21st century information centres have a vital interest in keeping up with the demand for learning about Cultures in the African Diaspora in print and online. Decolonising Knowledge points readers to the best sources to visit, to gather, secure and diffuse.

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