Delius: 'Final Chorus' from Appalachia


Frederick Delius’s Appalachia (1902), the second of two works given this title by Delius, shares some thematic material with the purely instrumental 1896 work of the same name. The 'old slave song' that forms the basis of the work is introduced with text as a final chorus, with a baritone soloist who sings with the chorus. This sketch corresponds to the music at cue V in the final score, and suggests that Delius composed the melody himself, rather than quoting an existing source.

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Sketch for the final chorus of Frederick Delius’s Appalachia (1902)
ca. 1902
Frederick Delius
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MS Mus. 1745/2/13/5

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Daniel M. Grimley
Creative process, Musical style, Music and modernism

Daniel M. Grimley examines Frederick Delius's compositional routine and looks at the processes involved in assembling a large-scale musical work

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