Frederick Delius’s Piano Concerto in C minor is a work with a long and complex history of revisions and disputes. It was originally conceived as a one-movement Fantasy for Orchestra and Pianoforte (1897), but never performed in this version. The first performance was of a revised version in three movements, and took place in Elberfeld, Germany, conducted by Hans Haym and with Julius Buths playing the solo part. Before publication and another performance by the dedicatee, Théodor Szántó, in 1907, further substantial revisions were made, creating a 'compromise', as conductor Thomas Beecham saw it. The 1907 version returned to the single movement form, but kept the more classical key scheme of the three-movement version. It also incorporated a new final section, and extensive editing of the solo part by Szántó.

This manuscript is the autograph full score of the earliest version of the concerto.