• Full title:   Early sketch by Frederick Delius for an orchestral work entitled A Southern Night
  • Created:   ca. 1896
  • Formats:  Manuscript
  • Creator:   Frederick Delius
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  • Usage terms © The Delius Trust. Reproduced with permission.
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  • Held by  British Library
  • Shelfmark:   MS Mus. 1745/2/13/5


This sketch for an orchestral work that was never completed represents one of Delius’s earliest attempts to work with the material that eventually became the large choral-orchestral work Appalachia (1902). It is written in a style that initially suggests ‘banjo picking’, and including a preliminary setting of the theme that was to form the basis for the later fully-worked out versions of the work: both the 1902 work and the 1896 orchestral ‘American Rhapsody’, also titled Appalachia.