Detailed analysis of health deprivation divide using the 2011 census

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Great Britain. Office for National Statistics
Office for National Statistics
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14 February 2014
Health Services, Disabled people
Social welfare
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This new analysis focuses on the extent of inequality in health and disability between more and less disadvantaged populations in England using Census 2011 and area deprivation data. The distribution of health and disabling health conditions across the population of England has been shown to follow a sizeable, persistent and incremental pattern; health outcomes generally worsen in line with greater levels of socioeconomic disadvantage.

Men and Women (aged 40 to 44) living in the most deprived areas are around four times more likely to have ‘Not Good’ health compared to their equivalent in the least deprived areas. Inequalities in health remain large, even at older ages; in the least deprived areas people aged 80 to 84 reported better rates of health than those 20 years their junior in the most deprived areas.