Drivers of improvement in teaching quality: an analysis of research findings from the survey of teachers 2010 and a qualitative study with teachers

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General Teaching Council for England
General Teaching Council for England
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1 November 2010
Education and Skills
Social welfare
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This paper provides an overview of teachers’ experiences and perceptions of what drives improvement in teaching practice, based on a synthesis of the findings of two research studies. The research found that teachers overwhelmingly had a positive attitude towards practice improvement and almost all felt that they had a professional responsibility to maintain and improve their practice. Pupil needs and school improvement were strong motivators to seek opportunities for professional development for the teachers who were interviewed. These were related to external pressure for schools to improve, but more commonly, to teachers’ professional desire to improve and develop as a teacher. This was cited most often by teachers from all phases who were interviewed, and was true for both teachers who were new to the profession and for those with much longer experience as a teacher.

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