East Midlands Healthwatch transition programme: report on work undertaken January 2013 to March 2014

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Garforth, Helen; Sugarman, Wendy; Wilcock, Alice
Community Development Foundation
Date of publication
1 June 2014
Health Services, Community Development and Regeneration
Social welfare
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East Midlands Healthwatch Transition Programme was a development programme initiated by the Public Health and Local Government Transition Network in the East Midlands to support transition to the new arrangements and funded by NHS Midlands and East Strategic Health Authority. It took place throughout 2013 and the first quarter of 2014 supporting the transition to Healthwatch across the East Midlands through a number of interventions to share practice, offer peer support and engage with Healthwatch providers, commissioners and CCGs.

Phase 2 of the East Midlands programme focused on overcoming practical hurdles, building relationships, and developing practical tools in order to move Local Healthwatch forward in the region, particularly supporting senior staff and Board members and their relationships with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), LA commissioners and regional bodies. The emphasis was on multi-stakeholder involvement, and on collaborating with and complementing rather than duplicating the work of other agencies such as the LGA, NHS England Area Teams, and Healthwatch England..

Reflection on the programme concludes that East Midlands Healthwatch Transition programme was an ambitious programme of support to a diverse group of organisations, at different stages of development, at a time of both challenge and opportunity in the health and care arena. The overriding impression from the reflection and evaluation of the programme is that the investment of time, energy and resource by all parties are paying off, and that the East Midlands has a Local Healthwatch network that is prepared to meet the challenge of the future.