End of life care in care homes: understanding and mapping innovative solutions

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NHS National End of Life Care Programme
NHS National End of Life Care Programme
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1 November 2008
Health Services, Older Adults, Social Work, Social Care and Social Services
Social welfare
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Many care homes feel isolated and do not have the support they need to provide top quality end of life care. The National End of Life Care Programme commissioned a study to examine how these issues affected the care of older people in nursing homes. The study looked at the drivers and barriers to good quality end of life care for older adults in nursing homes through an in-depth study of two nursing homes in northern England and a survey of surrounding nursing homes in the areas. The study offers an insight into the experiences of nursing staff and key players in the wider health and social care system who work together, sometimes against the odds, to care for older people in their last days, weeks and months of life. Understanding what the issues are in coordinating such care and maximising the support provided to nursing home staff is vital to ensure that nursing home residents, who are among the most vulnerable adults in our society, receive the highest standards of care possible at the end of their lives.