Our enemies' lies! German propaganda toilet paper


This ‘best German toilet paper’ is printed with extracts from foreign newspapers. It is a German solution to deal with the ‘lies – news of our enemies’ that were being printed during the war. Many claims by German enemies were labelled as lies, for example victories of the British navy over the German fleet, which didn’t fit with German propaganda. World War One and its propaganda produced many bizarre objects like this.


Enemy propaganda!

Best-quality German toilet paper

“The Times“, London.

After three days of fighting at Liège, the Germans have not only been defeated, they have even had to request a ceasefire so that they can bury their 25,000 dead. The German plan to march through Belgium has been wrecked. The whole of Germany is demoralised by the defeat.

Enemy propaganda

“Le Temps“, Paris.

Fifty thousand Moroccans have landed in Antwerp to stick the knife into the German army.

Enemy propaganda.

Reuters report, Petersburg.

In Russia a large army of five million men is being formed, which will be under the supreme command of the Tsar and will be concentrated in Riga, Wilna, Warsaw, Lublin and Rowno. The enemy resistance will be swept away by this army. At the same time the army will march on Vienna and Berlin.

Enemy propaganda.

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Our enemies' lies! Best German toilet paper
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