Equality and human rights duties impact analysis: a guide for providers on how to display their CQC ratings

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Impact Assessment
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Care Quality Commission
Care Quality Commission
Date of publication
9 February 2015
Health Services, Mental health services, Social Work, Social Care and Social Services
Social welfare
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This summarises the impact for equality and human rights of introducing a requirement for service providers to display their Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings.  Providers will be required to display their CQC ratings in their premises and online through their website.  Evidence shows that older people and people with disabilities are less likely to use the internet and thus it is important that ratings be displayed in a conspicuous physical location (such as a reception area) at the point of service.  However the analysis identifies a major and potentially adverse impact on those with mental health needs, if they are using a location that visibly advertises that its service is less than 'good'. This is linked to the fact that in some aspects of mental health (such as Health-based Place of Safety suites) there is limited, if any, available choice for the individual. Overall, the new requirements are expected to improve the human rights of fairness and autonomy, and that of respect where people have a choice about their provider. However it may demonstrate a lack of respect and have an impact on dignity in areas where choice is less of, or not, an option. Displaying ratings that are below good may also have a negative impact on staff-service user interactions.