Evaluation of the group work psychological wellbeing and work feasibility pilot: research summary: summary

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Callanan, Meg; Mok, Tze Ming; Edovald, Triin
Date of publication
1 September 2015
Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion, Mental health services, Employment
Social welfare
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This is a summary of a study which was commissioned to evaluate a pilot offering a group work model of employment support. The pilot was proposed by RAND Europe who suggested that a group work model of employment support, based on the JOBS II model, would build self-efficacy and resilience to setbacks that benefit claimants face when job seeking.

The evaluation was designed to identify learning from the Group Work pilot to inform a larger-scale trial of the intervention. In-depth interviews were carried out with eight Jobcentre Plus staff, eight Provider staff, and 32 claimants who had participated in the intervention. Six observations of Group Work sessions were also conducted. Management Information (MI) analysis was undertaken to provide further insights into pilot take-up, retention and outcomes.

Findings from this research will be used to design the intervention and delivery model for the larger scale impact trial, due to start in 2016.