Evaluation of the temporary jobs pilot 'Proving Talent'

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Roberts, Ellie; Gardiner, Laura
Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion
Date of publication
1 June 2013
Employment, Children and Young People
Corporate subject(s)
Give Us a Chance (Organization)
Social welfare
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In order to boost efforts to tackle youth unemployment, the Give Us a Chance (GUAC) consortium developed Proving Talent as a model for providing paid temporary jobs in partnership with Work Programme contractors. This involves housing providers and Work Programme contractors negotiating a package of mutual funding and support to establish new, six-month, temporary work and training opportunities within housing providers or their supply chains, available exclusively to Work Programme participants. The objective is to give young people at significant distance from the labour market the kind of chance that they would not otherwise have access to, because of a lack of experience, skills or qualifications. This evaluation uses a mixture of methods to capture the success and outcomes of the first five pilot initiatives up to April 2013.

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