Experimental statistics on 2012 scheme administered by the child maintenance service

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Great Britain. Department for Work and Pensions
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11 June 2014
Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion, Children and Young People
Social welfare
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The data covers the months of August 2013 to May 2014, covering the period when the pathfinder 2012 scheme was open to new applicants with at least two qualifying children with the same two parents named in the application (from 29 July 2013) and the opening of the new scheme to all new applications on 25 November 2013. Prior to August the caseload was restricted, with the low volumes of cases handled not being representative of the overall child maintenance caseload. These statistics are still in the early stages of development and assurance. Some of the statistics are currently collated manually by accessing core systems while the development of automated system based reports continues. The statistics have therefore been classified as experimental and may be revised in future editions.

Key figures include: the intake to the 2012 scheme in May 2014 was 9,700, compared to 10,200 in February 2014; at the end of May 2014 the Caseload stood at 59,700, which is an increase of 63% from February 2014; in May 2014 77% of Case Groups were contributing towards their current liability, an increase of 11 percentage points on February 2014; in May 2014 39% of Case Groups that were due to pay their liability used Direct Pay compared with 37% in February 2014; in May 2014 98% of calls were answered, with 93% being answered in 30 seconds; in May 2014 Accuracy stood at 94% which is a slight decrease on February 2014 when it stood at 95%; and there were 110 complaints received in May 2014.

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