Exploratory qualitative research on the 'single working age benefit'

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Sainsbury, Roy; Weston, Katharine
Date of publication
1 July 2010
Research report; 659
Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion, Employment
Social welfare
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This report presents findings from a study of the views and attitudes of social security claimants and people who advise claimants on benefits and employment issues about an idea for the radical reform of the benefit system. The idea in question is the single working age benefit, which in essence proposes to replace the full range of working age benefits with a single benefit. Customers’ and advisers’ views on the current benefit system are explored along with views on what an ideal benefit system would look like and finally views on a single work age model.

The overall aim of this research study was to explore views about a single working age benefit as a possible future direction for reform of the social security system. A series of discussion groups with social security claimants and benefit advisers was conducted in four locations in the UK in November and December 2009. The three broad topics explored with participants were: experiences and views of the current benefit system; the design of an improved (or ideal) social security system for the future; current ideas about benefit simplification via discussion of the principles of a single working age benefit.

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