Extension to the extreme pornography possession offence at Section 63 Criminal Justice & Immigration Act 2008

Document type
Impact Assessment
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Great Britain. Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice
Date of publication
5 February 2014
Criminal Justice Services, Legislation
Social welfare
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This Impact Assessment (IA) accompanies the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill (‘the Bill’).

Although the section 63 extreme pornography offence currently covers a range of extreme pornographic images, it does not explicitly include depictions of non-consensual penetration. Campaigners for reform believe that websites depicting real or staged rapes glorify sexual violence against women and the Prime Minister has undertaken to change the law to cover images of real or simulated rape. The aim is to criminalise the possession of extreme pornographic images depicting rape and/or non-consensual sexual intercourse through an extension to the criminal offence at section 63 of the 2008 Act.

The options considered are: option 0 - do nothing; and option 1 - extend the Extreme Pornography offence to cover depictions of rape and non-consensual penetrative sexual conduct (preferred option).