Fore-edge painting of Solomon’s Temple in The Holy Bible, edited by the Reverend Clement Cruttwell


This rare, customised edition of the Holy Bible was presented as a gift to a Miss Mary Robinson on her wedding. It appears to have been bound especially for the occasion by Benjamin Frye, a bookbinder based in Halifax, Yorkshire. The copy is in three volumes, each featuring a painted fore-edge depicting St Paul’s Cathedral, Solomon’s Temple and Arley Hall in Lancashire.

Displayed here is the fore-edge painting of Solomon’s Temple, derived from an engraving published by Henry Overton (Maps C.45.f.5.).

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The Holy Bible ... Carefully printed from the first edition - compared with others - of the present translation. With notes by ... Thomas Wilson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man: and various renderings collected from other translations by the Reverend Clement Cruttwell, the editor
Bath, Gloucestershire
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