Forgotten conditions: misdiagnosed and unsupported, how patients are being let down

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Weston, Mark; Manning, Julia
Date of publication
1 September 2012
Health Services
Social welfare
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This paper is a report on a roundtable held by 2020health on 12 June 2012 in Portcullis House, London, on forgotten conditions. These are health conditions and diseases that due to their low prevalence mean patients often get neglected or overlooked. The event, hosted by Andrew George MP and chaired by Lord Clement-Jones, brought together 15 health policy-makers, GPs, academics, public relations professionals and representatives of third sector organisations to discuss how to ensure that the rarer conditions that have traditionally been neglected by the National Health Service are allocated the investment and attention necessary to ensure prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the many individuals they affect.

This publication is a short report of proceedings with the background context for the discussion. A list of participants, the agenda, and a further reading list are provided in appendices.

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