A formative evaluation of the service delivery and organisation (SDO) management fellowships

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Bullock, Alison; Morris, Zoë Slote; Atwell, Christine
NIHR Health Services Research and Delivery Programme
Date of publication
1 March 2012
Health Services
Social welfare
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This paper presents the findings of an evaluation of the Fellowship programme, an exchange model of knowledge mobilisation that emphasises interpersonal links between researchers and practitioners.The primary aim of the evaluation was to understand the impacts of the programme and the processes by which the impacts were achieved or inhibited. Specifically the evaluation sought to: describe the processes and dynamics of the Fellowships; explore the impact of the Fellowships from participants' perspectives; and identify lessons learned and make recommendations.

The findings show that clear benefits have been derived from the programme. Fellows enhanced the validity, efficiency and credibility of the research, improved their own knowledge and skills as managers as well as researchers, and served as the conduit for linkage, engagement and exchange. Outcomes for the workplace were less common across the programme, but examples of good practice and scope for improvement were identified.