The Four-Fold Gospel


Founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Reverend A B Simpson, first published the Four-Fold Gospel in circa 1890. This is a revised third edition published by the Christian Alliance Publishing Co, New York. In the book he set out the four pillars of his unique gospel: Christ the Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming Lord.

Who was Reverend A B Simpson?

Born in Canada, Albert Benjamin Simpson would go on to become an influential preacher, theologian and author. In New York he established the New York Gospel Tabernacle – a place where immigrants, the poor, sick and homeless were welcome to worship; very much a return to the New Testament as a means of Christian living. His mission, he believed, was to reach those people who would otherwise be shunned by society and lead them to the Four-Fold Gospel.

What is the Four-Fold Gospel?

The Four-Fold Gospel documents the beliefs of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, outlining the four components that make up the life, virtues and purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ. These are that: Christ is Saviour – he is our salvation and only path to God, Christ is Sanctifier – one should dedicate oneself to God, Christ is Healer – miraculous healing is the work of God alone, and Christ is our Coming Lord – one should be faithful, ready and diligent in wait for his return.

The book was designed as a practical guide to Christian living to be read alongside the Bible; simple, intelligible, and something that was easily digestible so it could help spread the word about the Gospel. Elements of Simpson’s ‘Four-Fold’ teaching would be incorporated into later Pentecostal movements in North America.

Full title:
The Four-Fold Gospel. [Sermons.] ... Third edition, revised.
c. 1890, New York, US
Printed book
Albert Benjamin Simpson
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British Library

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