Foxe from the North-West Passage


Luke Foxe's account of his exploration for the northwest passage is contained in this book.

Foxe (or Fox) was sponsored by London merchants and sailed for the Arctic in May 1631. He explored the western shore of Hudson Bay and met by chance Thomas James, who was on a rival expedition. He turned north and sailed beyond Foxe Channel (named after him by Parry in the 19th century), into Foxe Basin and along Foxe Peninsula. He returned home when scurvy broke out at latitude 60º 47' N.

This particular copy has the globe illustrated here and the map, which Thomas Grenville said “are scarce ever to be found”.

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North-west Fox; or Fox from the North-West Passage. Beginning with King Arthur, Malga, Octhur, etc. Following with briefe abstracts of the voyages of Cabot, Frobisher, Davis, Waymouth, Knight, Hudson, Button, etc. Together with ... Mr. J. Hall's three voyages to Greynland, with a topographicall description of the countries ... Demonstrated in a Polar Card. ... With the author his owne voyage
1635, London
Luke Fox
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