The front line: international workforce summit

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Conference proceedings
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Reform (Think tank : Great Britain)
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24 January 2013
Health Services
Social welfare
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All health systems recognise the importance of a well trained and well motivated staff to delivering quality care to patients. However the quality of care depends on more than the sheer quantity of staff. Quality care demands a quality
workforce. The most successful providers of care are often the best employers of staff. At the heart of better healthcare is the ability to obtain the full potential of doctors, nurses and other clinical staff by reforming the front line through adopting modern management practices commonly used in the private sector. 'High performance working practices', such as staff engagement, empowering the front line, highly selective recruitment, staff development and performance-related reward, are now increasingly used in high performing providers. These organisations deliver better outcomes through their focus on managing clinical staff, and not simply the numbers of staff.

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