Full-page miniatures of an apothecary shop, from Mattheus Platearius' Circa instans


This illustration of an apothecary shop helps us to understand what different buildings and trades existed in medieval towns. Apothecaries were important members of the community and would have been more common in larger, busier towns and cities. Here the shop is shown alongside the church, demonstrating how people would look to both religion and medicine to help cure their ailments. The cut-away of the side of the shop reveals the apothecary engaged in selling some of his medicines; this would only have been available to those of high social standing.

Full title:
Roger Frugardi, Chirurgia, and other medical miscellany
c.1300 - 25 , Amiens
Manuscript / Illustration
Mattheus Platearius
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

Held by
British Library
Sloane MS 1977

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