The Gateway protection programme: an evaluation: summary: summary

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Evans, Olga; Murray, Rosemary
Home Office
Date of publication
1 February 2009
Research report; 12
Minority Groups, Resettlement
Social welfare
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Summary of Immigration research and statistics research exploring the integration of refugees resettled under the UK’s Gateway protection programme in Sheffield, Bolton, Hull and Rochdale. The Gateway Protection Programme was found to be effective in meeting the refugees’ basic material and orientation needs. Refugees’ reports suggested that the lead agency caseworkers were fundamental to this process. Up to 18 months after resettlement, refugees remain grateful to have been resettled and plan to stay in the UK. Up to 18 months after resettlement, lack of employment and limited English language skills remained fundamental barriers to progress towards integration, and an important source of anxiety and frustration for the refugees. Married women with children were making least progress. Among the recommendations of the evaluation was that facilitating more English language training, other education, and training towards employment in the early days may optimise long-term integration.

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