Evaluation of the Glasgow lone parent project

Corporate author(s)
Great Britain. Dudleston Harkins Research Limited
Glasgow Centre for Population Health
Date of publication
1 October 2017

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The Glasgow Lone Parent Project was a short term funded partnership project initiated in 2014 by Glasgow City Council’s Poverty Leadership Panel. The aim of the evaluation (commissioned in 2017) was to understand the processes undertaken to engage and influence service providers and the barriers and facilitators to implementation.This document is an evaluation of the project and provides an evaluation of it.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The evaluation has provided evidence of the strength of the project in influencing service providers to improve provision and work to achieve positive outcomes for lone parents. This Glasgow Lone Parent Project was effective for several reasons:

1. The multi-agency, committed, progressive steering group;2. The cross-sectoral management of the project with the Development Manager hosted in a statutory organisation and the Lone Parent Advisor hosted in a voluntary organisation;

3. The lone parent advisory group ensuring the lone parent voice infiltrated the project;

4. The skills, commitment, experience and passion of the project team to continuously push the lone parent agenda through a range of channels;

5. The number of specific outcomes achieved;

6. The overarching aim to overcome stigma and dispel myths about the target group through providing up to date information and statistics, and allowing the lone parent voice to be campaigned for through a statutory organisation.

The final report recommends that the model is shared widely beyond Glasgow to help raise the profile of groups known to experience poorer outcomes and who may require a more tailored response from mainstream services to better meet their needs.

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