Global Economic Outlook, 4th quarter 2010: multi-speed recovery

Global Economic Outlook, 4th quarter 2010: multi-speed recovery
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Deloitte Research
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26 October 2010
Global Economic Outlook
Trends: economic, social and technology trends affecting business
Business and management
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In the fourth quarter issue of the Global Economic Outlook, Deloitte Research economists peruse the global environment and offer their point of view on the risks and rewards that shape economic policy in the United States, Eurozone, China, India, Japan, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, and Australia. As countries around the world repair their frayed financial markets, global shifts are beginning to emerge. Policymakers are fretful about these imbalances but failure to adjust the new realities will only delay the day of reckoning. However, making the necessary adjustments will not be a simple task.

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