A good death: the role of the local authority in end of life care

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Lucas, Lauren
Local Government Information Unit
Date of publication
1 November 2012
Health Services, Community Development and Regeneration
Social welfare
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This report considers the role of local authorities in end of life care. While the health sector has taken a strong lead role on this agenda in recent years, the engagement of local authorities has been more mixed. Nevertheless, many of their core services, including social care and housing, are important components of a high quality approach to end of life care. In the context of major reform to the framework of health and social care, councils are considering how they can move forward with the agenda. The main conclusions drawn from the findings of this report are: there is a need for more work to raise awareness in local government in relation to end of life care; there are opportunities for local authorities to take greater ownership of end of life care; and housing could still be better connected into this agenda.