Grantha Samkalan (Collected Works)


A compilation of the works of Bharatchandra Ray, Grantha Samkalan was published in 1860 from the Calcutta New Press. The collection includes Ray’s seminal works like Annadamangal, Man Singh, Bidyasundar, Rasamanjari and several short poems in Bangla and Sanskrit. It also includes the Chor Panchashat sloka, a brief biography of the Bharatchandra by the collector and end notes on difficult words and phrases. The identity of the collector is anonymous and he signs at the introduction to the text as ‘A General Friend, Collector’.

Publications of Bharatchandra’s poetical works, particularly Bidyasundar abound in the nineteenth century (especially in the 1870s and 80s) indicating that the latter was regularly performed. This book also includes Ray’s shorter poems on various subjects like seasons, human desires, as well as Radha-Krishna in the Braj language.

The detailed notes section at the end of the book explains terms not only in the Bengali (spoken) language characteristic to Ray’s poetry, but Urdu-Hindi words as well (like halaal, napaak, selamat, taabiz etc.), thus underlining the mixed nature of the Bengali language till it underwent literary formalization.

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Grantha Samkalan (Collected Works)
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Bharatchandra Ray; compiled by ‘A General Friend’
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