Hark! Hark! The dogs do bark!


This 'Serio-comique map of Europe' designed and printed by Johnson, Riddle & Co. in 1914, depicts the continent at war. European nations are represented by various breeds of dog with the British bulldog, the French poodle, the German dachshund and Russia illustrated as a great bear.

Britain is approached from the north by a giant sailor holding numerous dog leads with battleships threatening the continent. Eastern Europe is dominated by a large steamroller driven by the Tsar of Russia flattening everything in its way.

Other European countries are identified by figures which are equally amusing – a Spanish bullfighter, a smiling Dutchman, a knife-wielding Greek ready to stab his neighbours in the back and an Italian carabinieri with pistol in hand.

A text by Walter Emanuel inserted below the map provides a commentary to the political situation in Europe in the early stages of the First World War.

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Hark! Hark! The dogs do bark!
1914, London
Johnson, Riddle & Co. Ltd.
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British Library
Maps 1078.(42).

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