Health Select Committee and Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee's Joint Inquiry on 'long-term funding of adult social care'

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22 March 2018
Social Work, Social Care and Social Services, Social Policy, Older Adults, Employment
Social welfare
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With a rapidly ageing population, agreeing a solution on how to fund adult social care sustainably for the long term is arguably the most important domestic policy issue facing the UK.

This paper proposes a fundamental reform to adult social care funding over the long-term, replacing the current method of direct taxation to financing care with a pre-funded solution, which will cover the care costs of the contributors. If implemented successfully this would break the intergenerational funding link that risks one generation funding the care needs of a disproportionately large cohort and fails to receive similar contributions to those that it made on behalf of preceding generations.

Complex issues, particularly those lasting beyond a single parliament, may be deferred endlessly to future parliaments. Accordingly a debate about the best mechanism for addressing political and public consensus on a solution for long-term funding of social care is welcome. One option which might be considered in such a debate is an independent body which provides guidance and advice to Parliament about complex and contentious issues such as long-term care funding.

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