Healthy lives for people in the UK: introducing the Health Foundation's healthy life strategy.

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Health Foundation
Health Foundation
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1 January 2017
Health Services, Families
Social welfare
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This report analyses influences on well-being and health such as education and employment, housing, and the extent to which community facilitates healthy habits and social connection. The authors note that access to health care accounts for as little as 10% of a population’s health and well-being. They explain that during 2017, the Health Foundation plans to implement a long-term strategy aiming to bring about better health for people in the UK. The aims of the strategy are:

  • to change the conversation so the focus is on health as an asset, rather than ill health as a burden;
  • to promote national policies that support everyone’s opportunities for a healthy life, and
  • to support local action to address variations in people’s opportunities for a healthy life.