The Prospect of Coventre


This etching by Czech artist Wenceslaus Hollar shows two prospects of the town of Coventry, accompanied by an indexed map. These detailed etchings were published as illustrations to William Dugdale’s The antiquities of Warwickshire illustrated : from records, leiger-books, manuscripts, charters, evidences, tombes, and armes : beautified with maps, prospects, and portraictures (1656).

The Antiquities of Warwickshire was the first county history by renowned antiquary and medieval historian William Dugdale. Following the publication of his first volume of the Monasticon Anglicanum (1655) Dugdale published his writings on Warwickshire in 1656 accompanied by etchings by Hollar.

Hollar provided the etchings for three of Dugdale’s most significant publications: the Monasticon Anglicanum (1655–1673), Antiquities of Warwickshire (1656) and the History of St Paul's Cathedral (1658). In each case Hollar’s views, maps, and plans provide invaluable early illustrations of seventeenth century antiquities and topography.  

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The Prospect of Coventre by Wenceslaus Hollar
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Wenceslaus Hollar
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British Library

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