Homeless women: homelessness careers, homelessness landscapes

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Reeve, Kesia; Casey, Rionach; Goudie, Rosalind
Date of publication
2 July 2007
Housing and Homelessness, Resettlement
Social welfare
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As women move through their homelessness journey they frequently fall through the net and fail to access appropriate accommodation and the support they require. They find themselves in situations and places of danger at times when adequate intervention may have kept them safe. And engaging with services, or accessing temporary accommodation, is rarely the end of the story. Homelessness is a dynamic, and non-linear, process. The trajectories women take into, out of, and through homelessness are influenced by a complex range of processes, events, actions and interactions. This report attempts to chart this ‘landscape of homelessness’ and in so doing, the very complex and multi-faceted nature of women’s experiences of homelessness is illuminated and the many influences on their homelessness trajectories illustrated.

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