Horoscope for a baby


Written in 137, this papyrus contains a detailed horoscope for baby Anoubion, fifth son of a certain Psanois. As stated at the beginning of the document, the baby was born on 4 December 137 at about 8 AM, for which time a detailed horoscope is calculated below.

Summarising his complicated calculations at the end of the page, the astronomer states that ‘The ruler of the baby’s nativity is the star of Venus’, which may have been understood as a good sign, and wishes ‘good fortune’ to the newly born baby.

The papyrus is a fragmentary duplicate of a more fully preserved piece, now housed at the Louvre in Paris. It was found in 1872 in Egypt, probably in the area of Thebes, and subsequently sold to the British Museum.

Full title:
Horoscope for Anoubion
138, Egypt
Ancient Greek
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

Held by
British Library
Papyrus 110

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